Here is Why the Left is Officially Insane

It finally built up from the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States to now to demonstrate how insane the Left truly is. All of the riots, lootings, shootings and multiple political demonstrations all lead to two news stories that finally prove the Left has not been radicalized, they are radicals.

This past Saturday, a well-known proponent of gay rights and environmentalist named David Buckel set himself on fire in Prospect Park in New York City as a means to warn people that the Earth is in big trouble due to human activity. Ironically, Buckel used a fossil fuel in order for his tragic act to be successful.

Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather, Buckel said in his suicide note. Our present grows more desperate, our future needs more than what we’ve been doing.

In Los Angeles, California, at a cost of $40,000 a mile city officials have commissioned painting the City of Angel’s streets white as part of an effort to reduce urban heat islands that contribute to climate change.

L.A. has been conducting this effort since May of last year and the white street campaign is alleged to have reduced roadway temperatures up to 10 degrees. However, Los Angeles’ white street program overall, most likely, won’t work. A research piece published during 2011 in Journal of Climate determined that painting the rooftops of houses white had no effect on reducing carbon emissions or greenhouse gases.

For a well known environmentalist to commit suicide in an attempt to warn people of their pending doom resulting for their activities allegedly dooming the planet and for Los Angeles city officials to deny science and then resort to painting streets white to combat climate change demonstrates with absolute clarity that the political Left has gone out of its mind.

The election of Donald Trump may have brought the violent nature of the Left that was always known but was successfully hideen for many years to the surface. But their rage also shows the insanity that goes along with it along with the suicidal path the Left is on full steam ahead.

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    “The election of Donald Trump may have brought the violent nature of the Left that was always known underneath the surface and was successfully *hidden for many years to the surface…”
    Spot-on Gjihad. The Left, the not so “tolerant, peaceful, diverse, inclusive or kumbaya” champions that they claim to be.


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