Alternet Colludes With Anti-Vaccine Movement

Author and scientist Hank Campbell looks into the heavy collaboration between the Left’s most strident, outlandish online publication, Alternet, and the anti-vaccine movement:

Given the political demographic of the webzine Alternet and its anti-science mentality, it’s not a huge surprise that its contributors are in common cause with the Russians and others who are merchants of doubt about American science and medicine.

What is shocking is that Alternet displays them so prominently.

If you are not familiar with it, Alternet is basically InfoWars of the far left. If you are working at an industry front group like Organic Consumers Association (or one of its puppet attack fronts like Sourcewatch or US Right To Know) you can always count on Alternet to carry your press release shrieking about Monsatan or whatever. It isn’t read by anyone in mainstream media but it is read by the anti-science activist base. And that may be why attorney Ellen Brown is attacking Bayer there yet again.

With Bayer buying Monsanto, the environmental community is about to lose its favorite target in Monsanto. Bayer is adored in Europe (and BASF is untouchable because of its importance to their economy) so Monsanto and Syngenta are all they have left. But Syngenta has been bought by ChemChina and activists suddenly love China (and, ironically, globalization) because President Trump has been critical of both so it will be hard for them to figure out where to go for fundraising next.

You can read the Dr. Campbell’s entire essay here.

Collusion between environmentalists and other far-Left elements with anti-vaccine groups should be of no surprise. Like has been pointed out before, the anti-vaccine movement is an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement who seeks to kill off humans by a variety of ways such as infecting people with diseases so humans can die slow, painful deaths. Undermining vaccines by lying about them will accomplish this goal a lot faster and with a much wider reach, including affecting the credibility overall of the medical field.