PETA Goons Attack Vivica Fox at NYC Book Signing

When People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) aren’t demanding the deportation of trophy hunters, they attempt to harass and intimidate celebrities who like to wear fur.

During a book promotion event at a Barnes and Noble in New York City, the beautiful actress Vivica Fox was the subject of scorn at the hands of PETA bullies because Vivica likes to wear fur.

The thugs chanted to Ms. Fox: Stop being an animal killer … animal abuser … stop wearing fur!. One dipstick had the audacity to yell at her: Stop trying to be relevant! With acts of thuggery like this, PETA makes itself and its cause irrelevant with each passing day.

Below is a video of the incident.

Despite being annoyed at the treatment she received, Vivica was the better person and showed how classy she is.

Vivica Fox’s choice to wear fur is hers alone, not PETA’s. Animal rights groups who condemn and seek to publicly insult celebrities like her who wear fur clothing, in reality find the idea of beauty revolting and seek to force their views on others.

As a species, humans have a moral right to use the Earth’s resources as we see fit. In this case it is to use animals so that people can enhance their lives with animsl fur be it for warmth, comfort or fashion. Restricting the right to use animals only restricts the rights of humans in the end.