Animal “Rights” Activists Triggered By Beckham “Painful Crown Design”

Victoria Beckham is in a lot of hot water. Animal rights activists, including PETA, have taken it upon themselves to accuse Victoria for allowing her daughter to ride a horse with a painful crown design branded on it.

According to the UK Daily Mail, some of human haters on her Instagram page who decided the crown was the result of branding said things like:

‘Is this horse branded with hot iron?! I don’t know if is the case, but if it is this is so cruel!’

‘Don’t mark the horse’s. Idiotaaaaaassssssss’ and ‘That had better be a haircut. Brands are cruel and disgusting.’

‘Is it a mark in the horse skin? I hope not… It would be such a cruelty with the horse.’

‘That branding must has been very painful.’

Fortunately, some level-headed fans jumped to Victoria’s defense, pointing out the controversy was over nothing. As it turns out, the brand was actually a horse clipping design.

Horse clipping has been around for quite a while and Victoria Beckham isn’t the first celebrity to come under fire for the practice. Two years ago PETA scolded Katie Price for her equestrian horse designs.

Price, however, wouldn’t put up with PETA’s shinanegans and promptly hit back at them showing their charges of cruelty were false. The difference between what happened with Victoria Price and Katie Beckham is that Victoria’s was a case of mistaken identification. Katie Price was ridiculed for the horse clippings in which PETA knew full well what they were.

Mistaken identification or not, this latest campaign demonstrate’s animal rights group’s hostility to humans using animals not only for recreation but for aesthetic purposes. An attack on beauty and domestication of animals in order to make mankind’s existence on Earth as depressing as possible.