Environmentalist Fearmongering Over Trump Hunting Policy

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) says the Trump Administration’s reversal of the Obama-era rule for hunting on federal on national parks means they will become nothing more than game breeding grounds.

According to The London Times, the Trump administration has reversed the Obama administration’s rule of banning hunting on Alaska federal reserves and turning the decision over to the state itself. The decision already has groups, like CBD, in a panic saying that it will lead to the extinction of endangered species. However, what the rule actually does is allows Alaska to decide whether or not to allow hunting on federal lands within its jurisdiction.

Hunting the animals also helps their species live since it reduces the likelihood of the spread of disease among animal populations and helps enhance preservation efforts since large quantities of money drawn from purchasing hunting equipment, licenses and supplies helps fund wildlife conservation. In reality, what CBD and animal rights groups want is for people to be subjected to animal attacks or exposed to some sort of disease resulting from increased animal populations on federal lands when people decide to visit them.