Climate Euphoria, Climate Hysteria: Insights from the German Political-Media Complex

Dr. Philipp Lengsfeld is a member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), and a former member of Germany’s lower house (Bundestag). As a member of the Committee for Research and Education, he was the CDU/CSU MP responsible for the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag. As a member of the conservative Berliner Kreis he was the main author of their positioning paper on climate and energy policy. Published in May 2017, the document generated considerable media attention in Germany for its bold critique of Germany’s unilateral climate policies. The manuscript pointed out that renewable energy sources were inadequate for the country’s energy needs.

Dr Lengsfeld is a trained physicist who studied in Berlin and Manchester (UK). For his PhD dissertation he researched in the field of thin-film silicon for solar cell applications. Since 2002, he has worked in the area of international scientific cooperation in medical affairs, for a global, research-based pharmaceutical company in Berlin.