Animal “Rights” As a Religious Belief

The Washington Free Beacon has posted a humorous but ironic essay whose author, Nic Rowan, is a devout Christian but noticed uncanny resemblances to animal rights as being a religion or some form of faith. Essentially, Rowan concludes that animal rights is a faith for people who have nothing to believe. Rowan points out:

“When I talk to Christians about why they do what they do, there’s a lot of similarities between us. They want to spread the word and often feel remorseful for the past they’ve had,” she says. “For me, I’ve contributed to the killing of all of these animals. I ask how could I be giving more of myself. Which is what you follow in a sort of faith-based environment.”

I’m about to ask if she’s still mitigating guilt for her leather bag, but the procession is beginning.

Sophia instructs us to march in a tight formation to each McD’s. We must then stand “silently” in two rows, one against the buildings and the other on the street side of the sidewalk. Together we form a gauntlet of disturbing images through which all customers must pass before consuming their blood chicken.

A guy in a Yankees shirt standing on a street corner sees the signs and mutters to himself: “‘Animals deserve better’— better than what? They sit around and eat and poop. What could be better?”

What indeed, Yankees fan.

As we stand in solemn silence outside each McDonald’s, Sophia and Hillary hand out postcard-sized leaflets that read HAPPY MEALS: AN ORIGIN STORY. Like the banner and the signs, they confront viewers with gory images of dead chicks.

Hillary hands out the leaflets upside down so people will think that they are coupons.

As New York rushes by, only Sophia speaks. The bustle of a weekend afternoon, the grumble of traffic, the murmurs of the ocasional disapproving passerby—she cuts through all of it with a perky call to action.

“Boycott McDonald’s!” she says.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Animal rights is grounded in mystical reverence for animals while relying on lies and manipulation (force and fraud) not just to maintain their memberships but also in order to achieve their aim of eradicating humans by making people’s lives a living hell on Earth. It is centered on the subjective, nihilistic ethics of the animal kingdom and holds that world as its highest value over the civilization of mankind.