Eco-Terrorists Collude With Russians For South Virginia Pipeline Sabotage?

A very interesting post by The Republican Standard shows eco-terrorism against pipeline construction has made its way to southern Virginia. Citing the Virginians Against Pipelines Facebook page, there are numerous references to methods of sabotage conducted by Earth First! against logging, such as tree spikes, since trees have to be cleared for pipeline construction.

Tree spiking can lead to serious and even life-threatening injuries for logging company employees. The publication even further alleges Russian involvement due to a Russia Today article that seems to encourage such activities and a Wall Street Journal news story revealing loans issued to environmentalist groups by Russian entities.

Through their anti-pipeline activism, environmentalists demonstrate they are anti-human and anti-civilization. Let this news story stand as the prime reason to not only resist terrorist actions (like what happened in North Dakota) but also further support the usage of fossil fuels as well as transportation mechanisms like pipelines. Environmentalists continue to reveal their anti-industrialism agenda more and more. They will resort to any means (including force) in order to get their way.