Population Control Fanatic: Parents With More Than Two Kids Are “Irresponsible Breeders”

Pennsylvania millionaire Scott Wallace is running as a Democrat for Congress in his home state. Among the numerous population control causes he has funded, Wallace gave almost half a million dollars to the group Zero Population Growth (ZPG), now known as Population Connection and was founded by population control proponent Paul Ehrlich.

As per a 1968 brochure uncovered by PJ Media, ZPG is on record endorsing new taxes on families with more than two children accusing them as being irresponsible breeding. Scott Wallace is also featuring commercials decrying President Trump for his skepticism on climate change too, so its safe to assume he thinks population growth contributes to climate change. However, when PJ Media confronted Wallace’s campaign with what they uncovered, the campaign spokesperson would not address them.

Many environmentalists (like Scott Wallace) are proponents of population control, despite the fact that humans are part of the environment. Like animals, humans are carbon-based life forms. The idea that overpopulation is the cause of the world’s problems was the basis of the book The Population Bomb in which the ideas in it and its author (Paul Ehrlich) have been shown to be horribly wrong.