Is Buying Organic Food Good for You and the Environment?

Earlier this month, a physician and molecular biologist named Henry Miller had an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal pointing out the dubious claims and questionable science behind organic foods. Shortly after Dr. Miller’s commentary appeared, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb expressed concern about information on organic food labels and the need to have more information put on them.

Consumers need to have full and factual information about products and services they shop for, including the food they consume. Overall, the idea behind organic foods sounds noble, but are they good for people and good for the natural environment overall? Bjorn Lomborg looks into this in the below video.

The dirty little secret about their substitute menu items is that they can be worse, and not better, for your health. It’s all about killing people off as fast as possible for the environmentalists, including lying about foods to include in your diet.