Despite Opposition, Fur Sales Are Up

London Fashion Week starts September 14th and, despite fur products missing from the event, and (after a successful campaign by PETA) fashion brands, designers, and cities have banned the use or sale of fur. Despite PETA’s anti-fur fervor, sales of fur products are actually up.

How it happened is best answered by a recent article published by Vox who says:

Today, furriers have managed to attract customers by selling fur as accents on shoes, handbags, and other apparel. Both of these sales strategies have allowed shoppers to avoid the social stigma of wearing fur, since a full mink in brown is much more likely to attract the attention of fur opponents than a blue fur jacket or trim on boots.

Fur accents and accessories function as sort of a gateway drug in the industry. “We start with the young consumer buying a fur key ring. Then maybe a little later she has more money for a fur bag,” Julie Maria Iversen of Kopenhagen Fur in Denmark told National Geographic in 2016. “Eventually she buys a full coat. [It’s] all part of the agenda, to inspire the upcoming generation of women.”

Fortunately, this marketing strategy has largely worked and it has reaped millions of dollars in profits for fur product manufacturers. Despite public scolding and the efforts of groups (like PETA) to prohibit fur sales, demand for fur products have grown. Consequently, animal rights groups may have won smaller battles while having lost the wider war.

Animal rights groups are aware of this and a remark by campaigns director of Friends for Animals Edita Birnkrant should raise red flags when she was quoted by Vox saying:

For the sake of the animals, we have to organize and take a more aggressive approach on their behalf.

One would be curious as to what kind of aggressive approach Friends of Animals has in mind. With PETA’s support for ALF terrorists, its penchant to utilize litigation in order to intimidate critics, and other organizations resorting to intimidation tactics one can and should assume the worst.