YouTube Censors John Stossel’s Video On Socialism

In a column published at Townhall on Thursday, journalist and former Fox Business host John Stossel announced that YouTube attempted to prevent a video he produced on socialism from being viewed by young people.

Ironically enough, Stossel revealed this detail as part of his review of the documentary movie The Creepy Line. The film is about how tech giants (specifically YouTube owner Google and social media giant Facebook) can intentionally manipulate search engine results in order to influence certain political outcomes.

Below is John Stossel’s video in question and there is a Spanish version you can view here. Socialism is the achievement of Communism by political, as opposed to violent, means. Environmentalism hails from the Marxist tradition and the groups based on it use both politics and violence to achieve their ends. It does not do well for individual freedom when technology companies (like Google) further Leftist ends.