Gavin Newsom: Environmentalist Fraud and Typical Politician

California Governor-elect Gavin promised his government would be progressive, principled, and always on the side of the people. Except it isn’t.

For example, despite making bold promises on addressing climate change, Newsom has decided to not take up residence at California’s Governor Mansion and decided to buy a $3.7 million mansion in Palo Alto, a wealthy Sacramento suburb.

The Governor’s Mansion is a short distance from California’s State Legislature and would mean much less carbon emissions for the Governor than living in his Palo Alto mansion. However, it also goes to show much he cares for the average person living in the Golden State by moving into a wealthy neighborhood distancing himself from the average citizen and buying a mansion worth millions whose large electric bills will mean even more carbon emissions.

Tucker Carlson made similar points on his Fox News show tonight. Gavin Newsom certainly will be principled and progressive at ripping the people of California off and he is not on their side in the least. Maybe Al Gore sold Newsom some carbon offsets so it makes him feel better about his move.