Study: White People Create More Air Pollution and Minorities Exposed to It

It was only a matter of time before something like this would come out. But now it has and, fortunately, there is time to pick this manuscript apart. But the Left has another arrow in its quiver to use in its racist campaign against white people.

CNN reports a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that between 2003 and 2015, personal consumption by white consumers created more air pollution and blacks and hispanics (who create less) absorb it.

On average, the study says, non-Hispanic whites experience a ‘pollution advantage’: They experience ∼17% less air pollution exposure than is caused by their consumption. Blacks and Hispanics on average bear a ‘pollution burden’ of 56% and 63% excess exposure, respectively, relative to the exposure caused by their consumption.

The overall target of the study isn’t just white people but their residences. CNN quotes David Reichmuth of the Union of Concerned Scientists and he posits that since whites don’t live in areas where minorities tend to live (such as near freeways) where blacks and Hispanics tend to reside and experience higher pollution levels.

While the research did note an overall drop in particulate matter, however another door has been opened that the Left will use in its race war against white people. During 2015, President Obama introduced stricter rules for housing and urban development. It was ultimately a way to force racial quotas on upscale, planned residential neighborhoods that happen to be largely white.

Fortunately, his efforts did not go very far and many of the policies were reversed by the Trump Administration. If a similar effort is undertaken by a future President or environmentalist group, this manuscript can be used as proof of racial disparities in certain neighborhoods resulting in middle class to wealthy areas being dragged down.