Greenpeace Co-Founder Calls Out His Former Group For Historical Revisionism

Greenpeace is attempting to deny that Patrick Moore was a co-founder of their organization. This according to Patrick Moore who is an Ecologist and co-founder of the group but instead Greenpeace accuses Moore of being a paid lobbyist, not an independent source after he came out against the Green New Deal.

However, according to The Daily Caller, Greenpeace listed Patrick Moore as one of its founders and first members until their reference to him was removed in 2007. Moore told The Daily Caller that the group accomplished great things for many years, but became too radical causing him to leave in 1986 and has been an outspoken critic of Greenpeace since his separation.

But it isn’t just his place among Greenpeace that Moore is upset about. It is also the group’s stances on climate change, GMO’s, pesticides and nuclear power. The group, Moore alleges, has become more of a racket where young men and women go around on boats worth millions of dollars powered by diesel engines while decrying carbon emissions that cause climate change.

Greenpeace, is notorious for supporting efforts to halt developmental projects abroad and even methods of transport for oil and gas (like pipelines) in an attempt to halt the use of fossil fuels. The environmentalist movement is nothing more than a glorified money making operation and jobs program for civilization-hating, Leftist college students who would have great difficulty performing in real jobs.