Nebraska Farmer: Nothing to Fear About GMO’s

By Deb Gangwish Special for CommonGround May 12, 2019 Omaha World-Herald

If you’re involved purchasing food for yourself, your family or your business, you’re likely aware of genetically modified crops – also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), GE crops or biotech crops.

GMOs have been widely misunderstood. People are concerned about their health and the environment (and they should be worried about these things!). However, thousands of research studies have been conducted by scientists worldwide. The consensus: GMOs are safe to consume and for our environment.

Despite the fact GMOs are proven safe, labels are being slapped on more and more food products in grocery stores, indicating the foods are “GMO free.” These labels have the tendency to scare consumers rather than educate them on the importance and safety of this technology.

As a farmer, consumer and mother, I help people understand where their food comes from as well as the science behind modern agricultural production as a volunteer with CommonGround.

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