Doctor Invents Conspiracy Theory to Convince Mom to Vaccinate Her Child

by Joe Sommerlad – Independent

Persuading committed anti-vaxxers into protecting their children against harmful diseases is undoubtedly one of the most exasperating tasks faced by modern GPs.

Alarmed by the minor side effects many experience after being injected with a small quantity of a given disease microbe – administered to cultivate the body’s immune system against it – anti-vaxxers refuse treatment themselves and risk endangering their kids at a crucial stage of development by denying them the controlled exposure they need to develop an immunity.

When ArcaneRuby posted on Reddit asking doctors for their stories of encounters with patients over the issue, one of the answers she received was particularly superb.

A fourth year US medical student with the handle Haliax_replied with a tale about a “conspiracy theory magnet” she had met in a doctor’s office.


NOTE: What this doctor did is nothing short of genius! Bravo!