Radical environmentalists threatening American lives

By Mary Taylor – Guest Columnist The Delaware Gazette

Car makers are claiming that they’re so afraid of a temper tantrum by radical environmentalists that they’re actually willing to endure more government regulation and endanger lives rather than stand up to unreasonable fuel efficiency standards.

After begging President Trump to loosen the standards imposed by the Obama administration — which mandate that new passenger cars and light trucks get at least 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 — major automakers are now complaining that Trump proposed a new rule that freezes the standard at its current level of 37 miles per gallon.

Compared to existing standards, the president’s proposed five-year freeze would have substantial benefits for the motoring public, especially anyone who purchases a car between model years (MYs) 2021 and 2026, who would save an average of $2,340 in vehicle ownership costs.

More importantly, President Trump’s standards would save up to 1,000 lives annually, because manufacturers would no longer have to meet fuel efficiency standards by reducing vehicle weights to dangerous levels.