Climate Change As a Backdoor for Socialism

Tucker Carlson interviewed Heartland Institute research fellow Justin Haskins pointing out that the Left is using climate change as a backdoor to enact Socialist policies.

In terms of the Left’s overall approach to climate science, it comes down to this: as opposed to science being about induction (i.e. reasoning from observation, experimentation, etc.), Leftists have tried to make science deductive (i.e. based on conclusions).

When Josef Stalin was Premier of Russia, his top scientist, Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, based his conclusions on his ideological outlook which is known as Lysenkoism. Under Lysenkoism, if conclusions match the regime’s ideology, they are agreed to and the data is fine-tuned. If not, then conclusions are refused and their advocates are silenced – forever.

ADDENDUM: Ultimately, Leftists can’t embrace, understand, or work in science. Not only due to their hunger for power but also resulting from their ideological epistemology (i.e. means of knowledge) which is summed up by Friedrich Nietzsche who said: There are no facts, only interpretations.