New York City Suffers Second Blackout After Passing “Green New Deal”

This past Monday, New York City suffered another blackout in which Con-Edison pointed to massive amounts of power usage which put a strain on the city’s power grid. According to The New York Times, Mayor DeBlasio and other city politicos are not only criticizing the utility company but are even going so far as to call for Con-Ed to be replaced with a public agency. In other words, take a page right out of Karl Marx’s writings and destroy Con-Edison by replacing or outright acquiring it.

Never mind, of course, that the Big Apple’s legislature enacted their own version of the Green New Deal, known as the Climate Stabilization Act, in April. The entire law is a miasma of government red tape that are an environmentalist’s wet dream. The act is made up of 10 bills, three of them include massive building retrofits, including a so-called Skyscraper Ban. The new rule forces major renovations of even existing buildings, while also establishes a loan program (i.e. welfare scheme) to subsidize them.

7 other bills encompass a request for a study to investigate replacing the city’s 21 power plants with solar, wind and batteries, mandate turbines and solar panels on roofs. A pipeline meant to bring New York City natural gas would be halted in the process. This on top of an elaborate scheme of emissions targets one president of a company that owned four co-ops in Queens called them totally unattainable.

The skyscraper ban also targets buildings over 25,000 square feet with heavy fines if they don’t reduce energy usage. It was with this that Bill DeBlasio announced the end of the glass and steel skyscraper. The costs associated with this Leftist boondoggle won’t be saddled on building owners but on the weight will be shifted on to their tenants. Renters and unit owners especially will feel the pinch since the new rules will not only shrink the amount of available space for living and working, but also spike the price of energy too.

If Germany’s experience with renewables is any indication, the wind turbines and other renewable sources the city hopes to use to replace its 21 power plants with will make living in New York go from being nearly unaffordable to literally impossible.

If New York City does convert entirely to renewable energy, the results would be horrifying. And by horrifying, it would result in massive power outages on a scale seen in Venezuela during heat waves in an aging city would result in actual fatalities.