Greenpeace’s Chief Scientist: Carbon Off-sets Paid for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Have “No Meaningful Effect” On Climate Change

The environmentalist religion still sells its indulgences to the easiest sucker … er … highest bidder.

“Carbon off-setting scheme supported by Sir Elton John on behalf of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have no ‘meaningful’ effect on climate change says Greenpeace’s chief scientist”, by Joel Adams, 19 August 2019, Daily Mail

Greenpeace’s chief scientist has said it is ‘not okay’ to claim, as Elton John did on Harry and Meghan’s behalf today, that private jet travel is ‘carbon neutral’ as a result of a donation to a carbon offset scheme.

Doug Parr told MailOnline: ‘There’s no way any current tech deals with the load of CO2 you’ve released on a personal level’.

In an Instagram message today Sir Elton John responded to criticism of Harry and Meghan’s recent private jet vacations by insisting he had made a donation to offset the carbon cost of the trips.

The royal couple’s return flights in private jets from England to Ibiza, and then from England to Nice, generated an estimated seven tonnes of CO2.