Date: 06/08/19 – Billo The Wisp

Extinction Rebellion demanded action on climate change claiming that there was only 18 months left to save the Earth. After 18 months, life has gone on, the climate doomsday cult hasn’t and their activities since then should disturb you.

“We need to create Fear!” That’s what Al Gore said to me [Hans Rosling] at the start of our first conversation about how to teach climate change.FactfulnessFactfuless by Hans Rosling, page 229

Hans Rosling declined Al Gore’s invitation.

But not everyone has the same scruples as Hans Rosling.

Unable to galvanise people to their cause by rational discourse many politicised proponents of “doing something” about Global warming/Climate Change/Climate Emergency have done exactly what Al Gore suggested to Hans Rosling.

They have deliberately gone out of their way to create a climate of fear. As an example today in the UK every out-of-the-ordinary weather event is somehow blamed on Global Warming.

Even when a reservoir Dam gets badly damaged by a ten year event (see here) it is somehow blamed on Global Warming rather than substandard maintenance.

I have to ask: SHOULDN’T a dam withstand a ten year event intact? Global warming or no global warming?

But all this fear mongering gathers like puss in a sceptic wound and now we have the inevitable result: Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion is one of the more alarming cults to emerge in recent years.

The invisible controllers behind the organisation appear to target children. These children are then used in much the same way as African War lords use child soldiers or Drug dealers use child runners. To ensure loyalty to the cause they feed them panicky end-of-days predictions along with a sense of grievance about a “lost” future “stolen” by selfish seniors.

Let us look at the central prophesy promoted by Extinction Rebellion and their camp followers.

So, do we have only 18 months to “Save the Planet”?