Manuscript on Ocean Warming Retracted by “Nature”

The scientific journal Nature has retracted a manuscript accepted for publication during October of last year claiming that oceans are warning faster than many climate models predicted.

According to Retraction Watch, the study was immediately noticed by an influential critic named Nic Lewis who stated the paper’s reasoning had numerous errors. Unfortunately, the flaws were not noticed in time before the study was cited by the IPCC for its Special Report issued a few days ago.

Thankfully, one of the manuscript’s co-authors, Dr. Ralph Keeting, has been cordial about the errors, expressing appreciation for pointing out the manuscript’s mistakes and needing to correct them.

The IPCC’s acceptance and citation of the study is not surprising in many ways since the mistakes in the research were known for almost a year but was referred to anyway. The international body has been criticized numerous times for its mistakes that it makes little effort to correct.

PHOTO CREDIT: By brewbooks from near Seattle, USA – Near Noumea, New Caledonia, CC BY-SA 2.0,