Medical Board Charges San Diego Doctor Who’s Doled Out Dozens of Vaccine Exemptions

The state medical board charged San Diego Dr. Tara Zandvliet with gross and repeated negligence, as well as failure to properly maintain records for writing a medical vaccine exemption under improper circumstances.

Will Huntsberry, October 22, 2019, Voice of San Diego

In May 2016, Mr. A – as h, e is called in a charging document – emailed Dr. Tara Zandvliet interested in a medical exemption from vaccinations for his child.

“If you can find four or more people affected with [the type of illnesses listed on my webpage], I could make a case that she likely has inherited a tendency to over reactive immune system,” Zandvliet responded. The doctor was probing for a family history that might show higher incidents of autoimmune disorders.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatricians do not recognize family history of autoimmune conditions as a legitimate reason to avoid vaccination. But Zandvliet has written many dozens of vaccine exemptions for similar reasons, Voice of San Diego revealed in March. The investigation showed that Zandvliet had written nearly a third of all medical exemptions for San Diego Unified School District.

Zandvliet ultimately granted an exemption to Mr. A’s daughter. But in doing so, she did not follow the standards of care she lays out on her own website, according to the charging document. She granted the exemption based largely on family letters, instead of medical documentation. And she granted it based on qualifying illnesses, which she later removed from her website, after being questioned by Voice of San Diego in March.

The state attorney general charged Zandvliet with gross and repeated negligence, as well as failure to properly maintain records for writing the exemption. If she is found to have improperly issued the exemption, the Medical Board of California will ultimately decide her punishment. She could lose her medical license, be suspended or put on probation.


NOTE: Never forget that the anti-vaccine movement is an environmentalist front that seeks to eradicate humans by infecting people with diseases (like measles or small pox) so they can die slow, painful deaths. Undermining vaccines by lying about them will help accomplish this goal a lot faster.