Australian Politician Blames Greens for Increasing Brushfire Risk

Back in November, Australian Member of Parliament Barnaby Joyce was interviewed and made some telling comments about how environmentalists have increased the risk of brush fires. It’s very convenient to place blame on human-caused climate change when environmentalists want to distract from what they are actually doing and, simultaneously, try to intimidate their opposition using the mantle of science. From

“Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce created controversy on Tuesday when he suggested The Greens were responsible for increasing the threat of bushfires by opposing hazard reduction burns.

“The problems we have got have been created by the Greens,” Mr Joyce told The Australian.

“We haven’t had the capacity to easily access (hazard) reduction burns because of all of the paperwork that is part of green policy.”

Joyce also goes on to say quoting from The Australian:

“We don’t have access to dams because they have been decommissioned on national parks because of green policy. We have trees that have fallen over vehicles and block roads, so people cannot either get access to fight a fire or to get away from fires. And we can’t knock over the trees because of Greens policy.”

While Greens deny they oppose controlled burns and even Leftist media outlets jumped to their defense, they have been caught opposing controlled burns and other hazard reduction efforts before. This logic isn’t just applicable to the Australian Green Party but also environmentalists too since green groups have opposed hazard reduction efforts in California as well.

ADDENDUM 01/05/2020: Please consider donating to the Red Cross or an aid organization to help the victims of the Australian brush fires.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia – License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0