Aussie Police Strikeforce to Investigate Brushfire Arson, Climate Change Not a Factor

Police in New South Wales (NSW), Australia have assembled a team of investigators who will determine the causes of brush fires that took place in their state. According to Mirage News, Strike Force Indarra was created resulting from the likelihood that arson was a factor in brush fire outbreaks in which people have been arrested for intentionally setting fires to begin with.

The investigation unit is made up of of detectives from homicide and arson organizations some of whom are from Australia’s southern region. Strike Force Indarra will attempt to investigate and prosecute offenders for any brush fires located in NSW that were intentionally set. While environmentalists and their policies largely contributed to creating their fuel, unfortunately, brush fires are a regular occurrence in Australia that are usually started by causes such as lightning strikes, improperly suppressed campfires, or arson. None of the aforementioned factors have anything to do with man-made climate change.

None the less, the devastation resulting from Australia’s brush fires has prompted climate change alarmists and politicians, like Bernie Sanders, to capitalize on people’s tragedies, blaming climate change for the conflagrations. The country’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, argues there is no proof that brush fires are a consequence of climate change and, instead, will crack down on environmentalists who campaign against controlled burns.

As a result of environmentalist opposition to hazard reduction efforts, the result is massive property damage and even death down under. Environmentalists would rather people die and have their lifestyles destroyed since greens view humans as a plague on the Earth. Rather than heaping scorn on their Prime Minister, Australians should direct their anger at environmentalists organizations, like the Green Party, since they made it all possible.

ADDENDUM 01/05/2020: Australia is forecast to get some welcome relief in the form of rain, but it will be bittersweet.


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