VT Dairy Farmer: Climate Protesters Attack State’s Dairy Farms

A fascinating and, simultaneously, harrowing account written by Vermont dairy farmer John Klar detailing environmentalist group’s efforts to shut down his business and other dairy farms across his state. Klar points out there are fewer in Vermont than there have been in previous years and also discusses the methods they’re using to accomplish their goal. This could soon come to a dairy farm near you since Vermont is probably a testing ground for environmentalists to unleash a campaign of terror against dairy farmers.

Making the Planet Fit for Food: Climate Protesters Attack Vermont’s Dairy Farms

By John Klar, American Thinker

The Vermont Governor’s annual “State of the State” address was interrupted this year by a loud group of protesters, who refused to stop screaming bizarre slogans until the Vermont State House session was closed so they could be physically escorted from the building. Amidst their shouts of “I’m afraid I’m going to die!” and “Climate justice is migrant justice!,” were repeated condemnations of Vermont’s “dairy industry.” This vague “industry” boogeyman is actually nonexistent in Vermont. The state’s dairy farms have steadily declined, and even its largest operations are puny in contrast to the mega-dairies elsewhere.

The irony of attacking dairy farms by those who claim to be motivated to “save our planet” is instructional. Approximately 40% of Vermont’s water pollution supposedly arises from agriculture, but as with all things environmental it is not as simple as a percentage — much of the phosphorous that washes into Vermont’s waterways was spread decades ago, with federal subsidies, and at the urging of federal and state agriculture departments. Now the few remaining farmers are being castigated by activists who produce no food.

But the activists do produce waste, of which they are apparently unaware because they are consumed with scapegoating farmers (and white people, and men) for all the world’s problems. Yet, 60% of the pollution in Vermont’s waterways arises from urban and suburban development, especially along Lake Champlain. The farmers haven’t had time to protest this growing problem, in part because they must implement expensive improvements to clean up their food-producing businesses while these radicals do nothing to restrict their own consumption behaviors.

Many who reside in Vermont are so utterly disconnected from farming and food that they do not perceive their own peril from consuming fossil-fuel and fertilizer-dependent foods from California. They appear to believe that “Cal-organic” food products are lifted magically from the subsidized San Joaquin Valley and plunked neatly in their shopping carts without polluting the ecosystem. But this is just one of many delusions the “new stupid” has indoctrinated into their shallow minds. They are oblivious to their own peril.