COVID-19 and the Intellectuals

American educator and philosopher Sydney Hook is said to have told Albert Einstein: I don’t lecture you about physics; why to you lecture me about politics? With the coronavirus outbreak, it has resulted in increased influence or reliance on so-called experts (i.e. intellectuals). Intellectuals, as defined by Dr. Thomas Sowell, are people whose product or employment begins and ends on ideas.

Intellectuals are a group who literally see themselves as philosopher kings nut, in reality, they are really witch doctors. They tend to be highly educated, well credentialed people, and work in prestigious fields or have built widely known public profiles but have little knowledge of the areas of life they comment about and pay no price if they are wrong. In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is so-called experts in the medical field who tend to have associations with the Left and are gaining publicity or notoriety riding on the doom and gloom fed by most media outlets.

What could go wrong, for example, listening to the advice of Obamacare architect and Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel Emanuel? Should Emanuel be taken seriously in light of his brain child’s disastrous outcome? Paul Krugman, who is a Nobel Prize-winning economist and was an economic policy adviser to the Obama Administration, said recently that President Trump’s response to the virus outbreak was inadequate when the facts say otherwise. Shortly after Donald Trump’s election, however, Krugman claimed that the president’s economic policies would result in a global recession in which that assertion has been proven wrong. There are also reasons to be suspicious of Dr. Anthony Fauci too. Will any of these gentlemen suffer job or income losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic? Probably not, but their policy prescriptions (such as lockdowns) have or will ruin a lot of people’s lives. That’s all the more reason to question their logic or motivations.

This is also not to say that the COVID-19 virus is a myth (it is not), the effects or manner of how people get infected is overblown (they are not), nor that the virus pandemic has subsided (it has not). The evidence indicates that, thankfully, the outbreak may be diminishing, but it is far from over and, in fact, there are indications the coronavirus may even return. Please follow the recommended CDC guidelines to the best of your ability. The COVID-19 outbreak and even other contagious illnesses (like the flu) are things you should take measures to prevent getting infected.

To clarify, there is nothing wrong with being intelligent or having a deep interest in certain fields (such as politics, science, or philosophy), as long as you aren’t using your intelligence for reasons to gain notoriety for dubious purposes. Richard Feynman, for example. was not only a brilliant scientist and teacher, but would educate himself or gain some sort of experience about subjects outside of his field(s) of knowledge before discussing them.

In most cases, medical professionals (i.e. doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.) will tell the truth. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is being politicized by the Left and it has resulted in, not only the panic most people bought in to, but the doom and gloom most media channels are transmitting. Thankfully, the epidemic has not been as catastrophic in the United States as originally feared. Tucker Carlson brilliantly made this and other points along with how major catastrophes should be approached rationally rather than dogmatically on his Fox News show Tuesday night.