Coronavirus Will Contribute to Growth of Violent Ideological Groups

A very informative article published by The Cipher Brief, an online publication dedicated to analysis of cyber and national security issues. It points out that violent ideological groups (such as white supremacists, leftist, and Islamic terrorists) will grow as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. In many ways this does make sense due to the mass unemployment resulting from the lock downs imposed by governors nationwide. Consequently, people can turn to population enclaves that conduct violence as a means of revenge against the leaders who ruined their lives.

The report also points out that environmentalists are among the groups that are likely to conduct acts of violence too. From the article:

“The potential threat of ‘eco-terrorism’ could grow in the coming months and years, as groups modeled after The Earth Liberation Front could seek to use economic sabotage and the threat of violence to call attention to their causes. Other so-called ‘special interest’ extremists, including radical animal rights activists, could also potentially grow in prominence as a response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Three years ago, Foreign Polcy magazine (whose parent company owns The Cypher Brief) predicted environmentalists would break out into violence and terror and they made a very good case, including pointing out how the United States is unprepared. While white supremacist groups are just as heinous and evil as any group dedicated to violence and racism, the major flaw in The Cipher Brief report is its assumption that white supremacist violence will be more likely. It does not take into account the resources the Left has at it’s disposal. With this in mind, it is, in fact, more likely that leftist groups will be the demographic that becomes violent and the biggest threat.

The numerous acts of violence, bigotry, and racism conducted by Leftist groups against Trump supporters and others on the political Right including those who criticize the Left. They have a massive money laundering operation that makes it very likely for the Left to support violent groups that can attack their opposition and even areas of life they resent such as fossil fuel-related industries and edifices. Even Muslim terrorist groups are still financed by Middle Eastern countries (like Saudi Arabia and Qatar) and should also be of concern.

However, white supremacist groups have no such infrastructure or support network like the Left and it is unfortunate that The Cypher Brief does not take this into consideration. By no means do I seek to diminish or downplay white supremacists or similar groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, and they should be taken seriously. But, if taking into account the totality of which political demographic has the most resources and money to do the most damage to our civilization, it is the Left and Islam comes in a very close second.