The Fox News Bait-And-Switch With Appeasement Mixed In

The Daily Beast reported that Fox News has parted ways with Diamond and Silk yesterday. A source at the network cited comments the two made on Twitter questioning the spread of the coronavirus and the death toll related to it while alleging they were somehow being weaponized in order to make President Trump look bad.

To borrow from the president’s logic, Diamond and Silk are penalized for comments they make on Twitter but the network has no problem having Leftist ideologue Donna Brazile on as a regular guest who committed fraud for Hillary Clinton? To this day, Brazille does not regret what she did.

Diamond and Silk’s termination comes almost a month after Fox Business canned Trish Regan, who is an experienced journalist, for making remarks about the Left weaponizing the coronavirus to attack President Trump. However, this same point has been made by Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and even Laura Ingraham on multiple occasions. But when Trish Regan and Diamond and Silk raise comparable concerns, they’re subjected to disciplinary action?

What’s worse is that Diamond and Silk are not only staunch supporters of Donald Trump and have a large internet and social media following, they have also been key personalities in attracting black people to join the political Right. With Diamond and Silk’s termination, Fox News has confirmed that the Left’s COVID-19 weaponization is true and, simultaneously, kicked these good women to the curb. This is no better than the Left’s ethic of eating their own for lack of ideological purity. In this case it is about free speech and free expression that Fox News claims to champion.

When a campaign to have Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News took place last year, Newscorp CEO Lachlan Murdoch was quoted stating that he would not cave to pressure about the network’s programming. Yet in light of recent circumstances, Murdoch’s statement was obviously a lie. Newscorp is playing the Republican establishment games conducted during the George W. Bush years. It was a page taken from Dubya’s dad, George H. W. Bush, when he purged Reganites from the U.S. government.

Earlier this month, The Daily Beast revealed (admittedly quoting an anonymous source) that Trish Regan was the sacrificial lamb to silence or tamp down Fox News‘s critics. However, if true, the criticism will only get worse since, by trying to appease their opposition, the Left will make more demands which will probably lead to Newscorp’s management giving in further.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying: An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Newscorp’s management could easily skirt much of the criticism they get by having a disclaimer on before each program stating: The views expressed by the host and guests are not necessarily those of Fox News or its advertisers.

However, that obviously makes too much sense and as long as the network’s management continues to think they can play games implying they’re a center-Right alternative to the mainstream media but continue to eat their own, it will get to the point where no one will tune in any longer regardless of their program line up. Fox News‘s conduct shows that they ultimately do not believe in the brand their promoting, and that’s real sad and dangerous too.