Al Gore: Climate Crisis and Coronavirus are “Linked”

Well, Gore was eventually going to come out of the woodwork to virtue signal some time. Then again, Gore has a history of helping his opposition so he may be doing everyone a favor.

Al Gore says climate crisis and coronavirus ‘linked’: Pollution makes preconditions worse

By Rebecca Klar – The Hill

Former Vice President Al Gore said Monday that the climate crisis and issues surrounding environmental injustice are linked with the coronavirus pandemic.

“This climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic are linked in some ways,” Gore said on MSNBC. “The preconditions that raise the death rate from COVID-19, a great many of them, are accentuated, made worse by the fossil fuel pollution.”

Emerging statistics have illustrated that the coronavirus pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

Gore said the crisis has “exposed some longstanding weaknesses” in the country.

For example, Gore noted the death rate, before the pandemic, among black children from asthma was much worse than for white children with asthma.

According to the Department for Health and Human Services, in 2015 African American children with asthma had a death rate 10 times that of non-Hispanic white children, and black children are four times more likely to be admitted to the hospital for asthma as compared to non-Hispanic white children.