Why Environmentalists Have Turned on Michael Moore

Population Research Institute head Steven Mosher has penned a column in the New York Post that adds a bit more depth to environmentalist’s witch hunt against Michael Moore. It’s due to Moore being more consistent in his arguments by embracing population control (i.e. anti-humanism) and his exposing the fraud of renewables was the ammunition greens essentially gave Michael Moore to successfully launch his rebellion. With all of this in mind, Moore’s faction will probably prevail.

Why eco-leftists are suddenly turning on Michael Moore

By Steven Mosher, New York Post

I pay as little attention to Michael Moore as humanly possible. But when his latest documentary opened on Earth Day to attacks from fellow leftists, including calls for censorship, it got my attention.

After all, one of my favorite scenes in “Lord of the Rings” is watching the orcs fight among themselves.

So I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and sat down to watch “Planet of the Humans.”

Director Moore’s latest documentary starts with electric cars, the vehicle of choice for the environmentally conscious. As GM proudly unveils its battery-powered Volt, his narrator innocently asks the executive in charge where the electricity to recharge it comes from.

Power plants, comes the answer. Coal-burning power plants.

Memo from Moore to those who think they are driving green: You may indulge your illusions if you prefer. But all you’ve really done is transfer your emissions from the tailpipe of your car to the smokestack of the local power plant.

Maybe you think solar power is the answer?

Moore treats you to a visit to a showy solar array that covers an entire football field. The power-company executive present admits that it can only power ten homes, and then only when the sun shines.


PHOTO CREDIT: An actual quote by David R. Brower, former Executive Director of the Sierra Club and founder of a number of environmentalist groups, such as Friends of the Earth