Michigan Leftist Politico Ruins Midlander’s Lives Over Endangered Species

When Leftist politicians aren’t insisting on lockdowns in order to assert their authority citing the spread of COVID-19, they’re ruining people’s lives in other ways. Bridge magazine has published a very revealing article that the state’s Democrat Attorney General, Dana Nessel, sued one of the state’s utility companies operating the Edenville Dam citing endangered species as her justification.

From the article:

“For decades, federal regulators demanded changes to the design of the Edenville Dam to make it more likely to withstand heavy rains and avoid flooding.

So when Michigan regulators assumed oversight of the dam in late 2018 after its owners lost their federal license to generate energy, they took action.

To protect mussels.

Three weeks before the 96-year-old dam failed this week amid heavy rains and caused the worst flood in Midland history, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sued its owner, alleging it illegally lowered Wixom Lake in 2018 and 2019, killing “thousands if not millions, of freshwater mussels.”

“Defendants wrongfully exerted dominion over the freshwater mussels and caused their death which denies and is inconsistent with the state’s right to them,” state lawyers wrote in an April lawsuit.”

Apparently, this dispute has gone back since the 1920’s when hydroelectric dams were used by power companies along the Tittabawassee River in order to generate power for state Midlanders. Nessel’s use of the term exterted dominion is very telling since it has religious connotations. It is almost as if Michigan’s Attorney General sees it as her religious, moral duty to intervene on behalf of the clams jeopardized by human activity.

But wait, ladies and gentlemen, there’s more:

“The dam’s owner, Boyce Hydro Power LLC, claims Michigan pressured it to raise lake levels before the flood and the company took steps to lower them because “mis-operation could pose a significant risk to the Village of Sanford, Northwood University, the City of Midland, and other downstream areas,” according to a lawsuit last month.”

Boyce Hydro Power lost its federal license to operate Edenville Dam in 2018 transferring regulatory authority to Michigan. But nothing was done on the part of state or federal officials to insist that the company spend money to upgrade the dam’s infrastructure in order to prevent its erosion. Residents in the area had also expressed disappointment that lake levels were so low that they could no longer boat in it. However, there is no mention of resident interests in Nessel’s court filings, only expressed concern about the alleged plight of the clams.

Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, made no mention of the above during her press conference she held about the dam’s collapse yet took the time to scold private ownership of critical infrastructure. Whitmer berated Boyce Hydro Power obviously in a cynical attempt to deflect blame for her bestie Dana Nessel who ruined the lives of area Midlanders, in which neither Nessel nor Whitmer have expressed any remorse or sadness for their stupidity that resulted in this catastrophe. But, like Rahm Emanuel said: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Phil Squattrito – Flickr: Undercarriage, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17586908