The Left May Be Close to Complete Take Over of the United States

Despite the election of Donald Trump and the amount of push back he has conducted against the media and the so-called establishment, the events of the last two weeks have become crystal clear. It is not my intention to scare anyone, but the cold, hard facts need to be brought out and Tucker Carlson outlined the threat to our civilization beautifully tonight. Sadly, the riots and even take down of statues are reminders we are involved in a civil war.

The Left is seeking take over the United States and with events, like CHAZ, they’re starting to or are very close to completing the process using methods they’ve utilized over many years to take over other countries. Basically, what Tucker points out isn’t just that Black Lives Matter has become more powerful, but that the recent violence the Left has exerted has managed to force politicians and even the courts to fall in line. President Trump can only do so much, and like Ronald Reagan said: If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.