Virginia’s Green New Disaster

After electing Democrats to the majority in Virginia’s state legislature and clinching the governor’s office, they’re looking to inflict as much damage and chaos on the commonwealth in order to hold on to power for the long term. This includes ratcheting up state energy prices in order to drive as many people into poverty and misery as possible as they reminded people by green groups successfully blocking the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). One commentator at American Thinker, James Stansbury, points out:

“Killing the ACP was a huge win for the left, and it may benefit Governor Northam’s “Green New Deal,” launched last September by executive order and now state law.  It’s basically a copycat of the Democrats’ radical Green New Deal and mandates that thirty percent of Virginia’s electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2030 and one hundred percent from carbon-free sources by 2050.  It also imposes the state’s first carbon tax on electric power generation.  It includes no mention of expanding carbon-free nuclear power or natural gas, but instead relies on bird-killing offshore and land-based wind farms, land-devouring solar farms with energy storage using expensive mega-batteries, and pumped hydroelectric storage (dams).  Like the Dems’ nationwide Green New Deal, the Virginia plan also advances socialist-sounding notions of social, energy, equity, and environmental justice.

This huge energy omnibus package will lead to higher energy costs for families and industry.  According to the State Corporation Commission, families across Virginia can expect at least a $23.30 increase per month by 2027–2030 (about $280 annually).  The new law also imposes a new gas tax that could reach as high as 18 cents per gallon depending on the locality. “

As Stansbury points out, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would have been a boon for the eastern Virginia’s major population centers and the commonwealth’s industrialized areas. Governor blackface Klansman and green sympathetic Republicans also helped contribute to the pipeline’s demise when Northam signed a new law in April that added a new layer of scrutiny to pipeline construction despite the onerous regulatory and legal process involved to approve and construct them.

Virginia’s Democrat machine is going full steam ahead to using so-called renewable energy which, as Europe’s experience demonstrates, will mean higher energy prices and a lower quality of life for Virginians unless the Democrats are turned out of office in November or somehow legally blocked from doing so. Remember the environmentalist’s cheers soon after the demise of the ACP was announced when going to the polls in four months. That means the greens and their Democrat allies could care less about the well-being of the people they claim to want to save or serve.