Environmentalists Obstruct Mining and Pipeline Projects

Unfortunately, not only did the U.S. Supreme Court deal a set back last month to the Keystone XL pipeline, Canadian environmentalists are seeking to halt the Trans Mountain Pipeline that will enable crude oil to be shipped from Alberta to British Columbia.

Nevada Gold Mines announced a suspension of an expansion of their Long Canyon Mine after environmentalists sued insisting doing so would adversely affect local wildlife. The two parties informed the judge in the lawsuit they would conduct negotiations in order to reduce the project’s impact.

However, dealing with environmentalists is anything but productive. The lawsuit against the Nevada mine was initiated by the Center for Biological Diversity which has been previously investigated for having benefited from many of the lawsuits the organization has won and is one of four green groups reportedly to have close ties to the Chinese government.

None the less, Nevada Gold Mines’ negotiations with environmentalists will, most likely, go nowhere fast due to the green’s ardent opposition to any extraction of Earth’s resources regardless of whose lives they destroy.