DoD Study: Influenza Vaccine May Increase #COVID-19 Risk

It might be a good idea to forgo a flu shot. A Department of Defense study released earlier this year revealed that people who get immunized with a flu shot could increase their risk of contracting non-influenza respiratory illnesses, such as the coronavirus. A manuscript published during 2012 revealed similar outcomes and all of this may be why people are forgoing getting a flu shot this year.

So-called fact checking websites have attempted to debunk similar claims, but all they do is attempt to refute the anti-vaccine groups that use the DoD research and other studies to make their case. The fact-checkers do not adequately address the fact that COVID-19 is a non-influenza respiratory illness including that the issue the study raises that the flu vaccine was found by DoD scientists to increase the potential of coronavirus infection.

I have regularly taken the pro-vaccine view the vast majority of the time, and that will not change. It is not anti-vaccine to not vaccinate in specific, limited circumstances and this instance is looking like one of them. The DoD research demonstrates the likelihood of flu vaccines being able to increase a patient’s risk of contracting COVID-19. Until more study is done, caution is certainly warranted in light of the fact that the coronavirus is deemed more of a threat than influenza.

You can read very good a news story about this here.