Study: Person Infected With #COVID-19 Contaminated Wuhan Animal Market

This news report is from May, but it is to highlight a molecular biologist named Alina Chan was mentioned by Tucker Carlson during his Fox News show today. Dr. Chan is calling into question the so-called consensus about the origins of the coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Chan is stating there it is very likely that #COVID-19 was manufactured. This would make sense since a laboratory based on Wuhan is reported to have been one of many labs involved in biological weapons research. You can read a more in depth interview with Dr. Chan here.

Study suggests coronavirus taken to Wuhan market by someone already infected

By Mark Moore, May 17, 2020, New York Post

A study found the coronavirus was taken to an animal market in Wuhan, China, by a person already infected with the disease, according to a report.

“The publicly available genetic data does not point to cross-species transmission of the virus at the market,” said Alina Chan, a molecular biologist, and Shing Zhan, an evolutionary biologist, the Mail on Sunday reported.

In their paper, the two said they were “surprised” to discover the coronavirus was “already pre-adapted to human transmission.”

But they said all routes for animal to human transmission – including from bats – must be examined.

“The possibility that a non-genetically engineered precursor could have adapted to humans while being studied in a laboratory should be considered,” the paper said.


PHOTO CREDIT: By NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), U.S. NIH –, Public Domain,