Jeff Bezos To Fund Green Jihad CEO Jeff Bezos reportedly sold more than $3 billion of his company’s stock and is expected to lavish 4 environmentalist groups with $100 million a piece of his stock sale through his Earth Fund.

According to The Atlantic, among the green groups to benefit from Bezos’ Earth Fund grants are the Environmental Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The former organization is well known for its spreading propaganda about chemicals but the latter regularly sues the Trump Administration and is also accused of having ties to China’s Communist regime.

Jeff Bezos openly supports Black Lives Matter, a violent, revolutionary Marxist organization. While Bezos claims that his doing so is to help the black community, in reality it is a means for Bezos to minimize competition for his company since Black Lives Matter has sanctioned looting. His support of environmentalist groups can help him virtue signal which makes him look good for living up to his (ahem) promise to help tackle climate change while probably getting a nice tax write-off before the end of the year.

None the less, a Leftist organization named Abolish Amazon placed a guillotine twice in front of Bezos’ Washington D.C. home. To this day, no condemnations of the event were issued by Black Lives Matter or environmentalist organizations, but they’ll gladly take his money.

So Jeff Bezos is going to get more market share in the short term by funding Leftist terrorist groups. But if the Left gets power, (like what happened in the Soviet Union) he’ll be one of the first people they will come for and they won’t care about his charity. That’s gratitude for ya!

PICTURE CREDIT: By Unknown – book La Guillotine en 1793 by H. Fleischmann (1908), Public Domain,