SD Gov. Kristi Noem Locks Horns With Stephanopoulos

Even if Gov. Noem provided proof, Georgie and company wouldn’t believe or report it accurately anyway. His interrupting her is proof he is scared at the prospect of Trump prevailing, discrediting mail in ballots along with the popular vote which is what the Left has pushed as being the only legitimate means to elect the president. It isn’t.

The United States is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional republic. When Americans vote, they are deciding who they want representing them from the states they reside in the Electoral College which finally decides who is the president of the country.

For four years, President Trump and his supporters were treated with the utmost contempt by the Left including refusing to accept the results of 2016. Now they are aghast at Trump and his base doing essentially what the Left did starting four years ago. The only difference is Republicans are maintaining civility and aren’t rioting in the streets. If the Left can fight for the things they value so can Trump. It works both ways.

In other news, President Trump is relaxing by playing another golf game and, just like that, Biden supporters turn on each other.