WaPo Tries To Smear Vote Fraud Whistleblower

The Washington Post reported today that an Erie, Pennsylvania United States Postal Service employee named Richard Hopkins retracted his allegations accusing his postmaster of instructing him to backdate mailed in ballots received after Election Day. Hopkins was cited by U.S. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham in his letter to the U.S. Justice Department requesting they investigate the incident.

Soon after The Post‘s story was published, Hopkins denied it and demanded the newspaper retract their story in a video he posted on social media. Hopkins also conducted a conference call with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas in which a recording taken of a federal agent attempting to coerce Hopkins using psychological manipulation was played.

This is the typical Leftist playbook used by certain legacy media outlets utilizing unnamed sources in an attempt to besmirch the reputation of a whistleblower. Since most Americans have lost confidence in legacy media outlets, like WaPo, this latest attempt is an even bigger blow to their reputation. This isn’t journalism, it’s political activism dressed up as it.