Michigan’s House Speaker Nixes Impeaching Governor Whitmer

Despite clear proof of Governor Gretchen Whitmer violating numerous state laws and her usage of a 1978 statute that narrowly allows her to enact rules (like mask mandates) citing public health claiming to be preventing the spread of coronavirus, county governments passing resolutions calling for Whitmer to be impeached, and with a growing movement in the state legislature to impeach the governor, Michigan Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield recently came out against doing so.

One would think that when a chief executive of a government body clearly violates the law and even abuses her own powers, that opposition lawmakers in charge of legislative bodies would rise up to oust said individual. Not in Michigan’s case and citizens of the Wolverine state have Lee Chatfield and other GOP lawmakers to thank.

Hopefully there are ways that House Republicans can go around the Speaker in order to make an impeachment effort happen. However, they shouldn’t have to since Chatfield should realize that Whitmer has violated the law and broken her oath as governor of the state. What this really comes down to is that Democrats can slander and destroy other people (including President Trump), but Republicans, like Michigan’s Speaker of the House, enables their behavior by refusing to hold leftists, like Whitmer, accountable.