MAGA Revolt After McConnell Begs Republicans Not To Support Trump

Mitch McConnell and the Surrender Caucus are up to their old tricks again. The leadership of the Senate GOP recently urged caucus Republicans not to support a challenge to upcoming tabulation and certification of Electoral College results coming up on January 6th. Consequently, its resulted in an open feud with the Republican establishment and Trump supporters.

Television commercials are still being broadcast in Georgia with McConnell featured in them urging Georgia voters to support the Republican candidates in the state’s upcoming runoff election. But then he and his clique turns around and stabs the president and his base in the back? Oh but the Senate Majority Leader sure will confirm more judges the president nominates. But when it comes to Trump and his supporters: You lost, so go to the back of the bus and be quiet!

Tim Pool lays all of the potential upcoming events out. In the meantime, please contact every Republican Senator and (politely) tell them to not only stand with President Trump but also support Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks’ efforts in Congress to challenge the Electoral College results.