Desperate California Bar Owner Blocks Health Inspector, Calls Police

Bread and Barely restaurant owner Carlos Roman of Covina, California decided he had endured enough and resolved to rebel against a health inspector who sought to shut down his business for alleged coronavirus violations. Mr. Roman concluded if he lost his business and his employees lost their jobs, then the health inspector would lose his job too by calling the police to have them arrested.

Mr. Roman’s frustration and desperate act is another example of defiant actions which are spreading while people’s lives are being destroyed. This while Congress insults Americans, voting to send billions of our hard-earned money overseas while paying us a pittance for the vast amounts of taxes we pay.

When acts of disobedience like this grow, it will become a tsunami that authorities will be powerless to halt but the political elites will continue to try to weaponize fear in order to keep the masses in check. It will only last so long.

(H/T Todd Starnes)