Hillary Clinton Declares War on Pres. Trump and His Supporters

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Crooked Hillary Clinton has been resentful of Trump’s victory and success since he beat her 5 years ago and now has the opportunity to exact revenge. Like the saying goes: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and with her op-ed published last week in The Washington Post, she takes it to a new level while revealing herself to be the vile person she truly is.

The key part to keep in mind that reveals her sinister intent is located in the second to last paragraph of her essay which states (emphasis is mine):

“The Biden administration will need to address this crisis in all its complexity and breadth, including holding technology platforms accountable, prosecuting all who broke our laws, and making public more intelligence and analysis about domestic terrorism.”

Keeping latter part of Clinton’s statement highlighted in mind and journalist Daniel Greenfield’s uncovering a new California state government agency assessing the threat level of people who post on social media, including executives from tech companies joining the Biden Administration, the only conclusion one can draw is that this is the left’s way to implement China’s Social Credit System.

Imagine your social media posts and the account you have on platforms like Twitter or Facebook are doxxed or you are blacklisted thanks to information made available about you in a searchable database run by the Golden State’s Office of Election Cybersecurity. All of the rhetoric on the part of Joe Biden is just that, talk. At best, Biden’s speeches are a cruel joke since the left only wants healing and unity on their terms. That includes destroying the lives of their opposition.

One thought on “Hillary Clinton Declares War on Pres. Trump and His Supporters

  1. I believe that QAnon Shaman is a Leftist in disguise. Not only is he for the Green New Deal, but I believe that he also has a tattoo of a Triangle on his chest. It’s a “boy-love” triangle that pedos like. If anything, QAnon Shaman has made himself into a joke, a tool to make MAGA look like a joke. I recall the same kind of infiltration that happened to our “Taxed Enough Already” protests, ie TEA Party protests. These infiltrators would come in carrying a rebel flag and nazi stuff, but upon talking in-depth with these nut-jobs, we quickly find that these people are really Leftists out to try to make the public view us differently, stand for other things, and generally make us look bad or foolish. And it worked. All that it took was for one or two of these nut-jobs to appear in our peaceful crowd, a few photos and bang, it worked, then the Left had what they wanted and called the TEA Party “racists”. Even Richard Spencer, the so-called king of “Alt-Right” and “White Supremacy”, even he wants a BIG government, wants a Socialist America & so he voted Biden — ie nothing about him was for what the Tea Party or MAGA, ie he was not for a “SMALL constitutional government all based upon Individual Rights as found in the Bill of Rights”.


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