Kamala Harris Is Not A U.S. Citizen

In the run up to the election, there was a small but not so loud dispute about the citizenship of soon-to-be Vice President Kamala Harris. While she was born on U.S. soil, it was to two foreign parents (British, Jamaican and Indian). Both were in the country on F1 non-immigrant student or temporary work visas and were not U.S. citizens when they birthed Kamala.

Unlike what Reason will tell you, the Constitution does qualify Harris as a U.S. Senator, but the requirements for President and Vice-President are, naturally, more strict as per Article II.

President Obama’s eligibility, for example, was based on his being born to a U.S. parent and he was also born in a United States territory too. This may not be what the Founding Fathers had in mind, but might be considered the current requirement.

Kamala’s award of citizenship according to the 14th Amendment is not the same as a natural born citizen. At least one parent has to be U.S. born and neither of her parents are. This example is exactly what the Founding Fathers sought to avoid and with Kamala Harris’ holding the second most powerful office in the world does grave harm to the Constitution in general.

A natural born citizen is someone who is born on U.S. soil to at least one citizen and it is not racist to point out that Harris is the child of British Jamaican and Indian citizens and she cannot hold the office of Vice President.

Small wonder that Harris would not answer any questions about the citizenship of her parents when she was born and some so-called experts side-stepped the issue altogether. A lawsuit must be conducted to challenge Harris’s eligibility or there is great risk in letting this lie.

UPDATE 01/17/2020: This website has some very thought-provoking information and it along with the associated Twitter page continue to be updated.