Inmates, Illegal Aliens, #COVID-19, and “Normalcy”

A short time ago, Joe Biden caught heat because of a decision by the Defense Department administer coronavirus vaccinations to Guantanamo Bay prisoners. A short time after this was reported in the news, the idea was (rightly) sacked. However, Biden has also, essentially, gutted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, prohibiting them from deporting illegal aliens for a wide variety of serious federal offenses such as robbery and or even lying on their asylum application.

In deep Blue California, the state not only took control of coronavirus distribution, but decided to give priority to vaccinating state prisoners, homeless, and illegal aliens. Some on the right have tried to excuse what California or Biden has done as errors in judgement or mistakes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These blunders are actually indications of the priorities of the left. According to their equity ethic, American citizens are no longer considered to be the people they will primarily defend or protect, including when it comes to infectious diseases (like coronavirus). Those deemed poor or downtrodden (i.e. the ones who will help the left get power or virtue signal) are the priority. The areas of the country that oppose the left’s schemes will be denied representation in Congress too (remember the complaint of no taxation without representation?).

Welcome to the return to normalcy and the unity and healing that Biden and the left promised us.