The Moral Crime of Biden’s Border Crisis

In the past few months, since the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States, the numbers of people migrating to the country in order to gain entry illegally has reached some of the highest levels in twenty years. No doubt a lot of the people who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border are seeking a chance to enter the United States in order to live and work. While there is no justification to break a country’s laws and this is not an attempt to excuse such behavior, but if any of us were in the illegal alien’s situation we would do the same thing.

However, there is a more sinister element to the waves of people arriving that needs to be called out. It isn’t just the fact that the illegal migrants will be slaves for the left, but a lot of them are also involuntary servants to the people who helped them arrive and whom the left obviously courts: the drug cartels. A migrant’s journey to the United States is very dangerous. Not just in terms of the terrain Latin Americans have to travel, but a whole host of awful events can occur during their trek.

It is extremely expensive for illegal immigrants to be brought to the United States. According to the L.A. Times, the cartels got into human trafficking in the 1990’s and have replaced independent smugglers with their own elaborate, well organized network. Consequently, people who agree to being smuggled not only take enormous risks with their health and safety, but are locked in to a situation of involuntary servitude.

Worst of all, the cartels also use a variety of different methods to ensure their human cattle pay them back for transporting them or the consequences will affect the illegals, their family, or friends. The cartels learned and developed a lot of their techniques resulting from their drug smuggling operations and use it or a carbon copy structure in order to ensure payment. The methods the cartels are using is very similar to the padrone system utilized by the mafia to bring Italian immigrants to the U.S. and other countries such as Argentina.

It is abundantly clear that the Biden White House is lying about what is happening with illegal immigrants and, if history is any guide, are obviously fine with how the cartels profit. Biden was warned about what would happen if he dismantled Trump’s border protections but went ahead and scrapped them anyway. This is a cynical ploy the left is conducting so they can change the demographics of the United States and gain more voters.

The moral crime of Joe Biden’s border crisis isn’t just the hazardous conditions migrants encounter resulting from his incompetence, it is that he and his administration have encouraged the migrant surge that exposes innocent people to suffering, misery, and death. It is also very likely the current administration is taking bribes from the cartels too. Biden criticized Donald Trump’s immigration policies as being draconian but Biden’s give new meaning to that word. The White House could care less about the cost of human life, not just to the migrants but to Americans too.