CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s Disappointing Fox News Interview

CDC Rochelle Walensky is very articulate and educated and it showed in an interview she did today with Brett Baier on Fox News. She was a good pick to head the U.S.’s country’s public health agency too. However, the CDC is said to be in panic mode over messaging on her agency’s recent guidelines and this could be the result of a dilemma Walensky is in having to be both a public health official beholden to a politician who is weaponizing coronavirus.

What was disappointing is that the Fox News interview was more of a pitch for Biden’s vaccination push rather than specific answers on how her agency came to the decision they did and urge people to take action to prevent infection other than the obvious (i.e. wash your hands, do not touch your face, wear a mask, etc.).

Walensky said she understands the pushback including when it comes to schools and masking up kids. But she even acknowledged that children are not as susceptible to infection as adults despite alleging outbreaks at local schools. Unfortunately, Walensky also said the events at the southern border can’t be attributed to the increase in COVID-19 cases despite most illegals being admitted and even released untested and unvaccinated. Simultaneously, Baier did not grill Rochelle Walensky, especially with his not raising a recent revelation as to how Walensky came to her decision or even bringing up scientists wanting to see the data the CDC used to justify reinstating their mask guidelines.

Frustratingly, the entire emphasis on vaccination on the part of the Biden administration also diminishes other ways people can take measures to prevent getting coronavirus such as taking vitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin C and D3. Even the virus’s high survival rate is downplayed along with countries, like India or Sweden, who took a number of measures to prevent infection while achieving herd immunity.