Study: Vaccination Does Not Benefit #COVID-19 Recovered Patients

A study conducted by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic published in the MedRxiv journal last month suggests that patients who recovered from COVID-19 would not benefit from immunization. Researchers monitored over 52,000 vaccinated and unvaccinated clinic employees including incidents of re-infection.

Out of the employee population examined, over 2500 had tested positive for coronavirus while the rest had been verified as never having carried it. Over half of the infected employees remained unvaccinated, compared to under half of the total reviewed population who had never been.

None of the previously infected employees had been reinfected regardless if they were vaccinated or not. Immunization only benefited employees who had not been infected prior to the research. While the Cleveland Clinic manuscript has not yet been peer reviewed, the conclusion of the manuscript’s researchers is consistent with the findings in previous studies published overseas.

For example, research conducted by Israeli scientists during March and Qatari researchers in September of last year who found patients that recovered from COVID-19 experienced very low levels of reinfection. Additionally, the findings of the Cleveland Clinic scientists is also consistent with the results of an Israeli Health Ministry manuscript published during mid-July.

Because of its high survivability rate, the original coronavirus, the Delta strain, and other COVID variants are or were not serious illnesses that warrant such drastic action such as masks, social distancing, vaccine mandates or even lockdowns. In light of this research, the approach to virus policy should simply be to not panic and admit the truth – that we adapt and survive knowing coronavirus’s are a fact of life rather than trying to remake societies and ruin people’s lives because of it.

Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay